A form of sorcery, or the magical manipulation of nature for self-aggrandizement, or for the benefit or harm of a client. Anthropologists have observed that in societies that lack formal political processes, sorcery accusations are often an indication of other social and economic tensions and conflicts

They have analyzed the killing of accused sorcerers as a form of control through which anti-social people are eliminated and social cohesion is reinforced. Anthropologists distinguish sorcerers, who acquire their powers through study and initiation, from witches, who inherit their powers.

European diabolical witchcraft was a form of sorcery that appealed to pre-Christian symbolism and was associated by Church leaders with heresy. The origins of witchcraft in Europe are found in the pre-Christian, pagan cults such as the Teutonic nature cults, Roman religion, and the speculations of the Gnostics ,the Zoroastrians, and the Manicheans.

Religious persecution of supposed witches commenced early in the 14th century. Trials, convictions, and executions became common throughout Europe and reached a peak during the 16th and 17th centuries. The colonies of North America shared in this fanaticism, particularly in Salem, Mass., where in 1692, 20 persons were executed as witches.

Early students of European diabolical witchcraft viewed it alternately as an invention of elites who used accusations of sorcery as an excuse to persecute people for material gain, or as a survival of pre-Christian folk religion


Historical Witches or witch-like creatures

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this image is a reproduction of an item actualy used in a witchcraft ceremony.


The Blair Witch Project...

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Salem Witch Trials...

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The Inquisition...

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Wicca and Other Beliefs...

no it's not all the same ..

wicca was founded in the late 1930's by Gerald Gardner

it is not the same as witchcraft.

As with all things there is good and bad and the misunderstood.Not all people who follow witchcraft are good,kind and loving but without dark there can be no light .It is up to the idividual to keep themselves in the light.

Wiccans believe in love and goodness it has evolved from traditional witchcraft and was originally based more in true magick but has become more of a spiritual religeon.

There are also different types of wicca and witta .

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