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Updated:April 26,2000






this guys club rocks!!!


The wwf Blood sweat and Cheers club is now having a trivia contest

called Something Trivial.10 points for the first right answer for a question.

All trivia was used from the wwf.Good Luck!

Trivia contest closes the last week of December and a new contest will begin in the new year.

Your Dream Match ups

Stone cold Steve Austin vs Goldberg -for some reason everyone seems to want to see the 2 big bald men go at it's the overwhelming winner

HHH vs Kevin nash

Most creative match up goes to hxpach kid you have a great imagination.



Email Founder:Ana

Favorite Entrance Music

2 votes HHH and Chyna

2 votes DX "break it down"

2 votes Road Dogg

2 votes Jericho


Shane Macmahon ,

The Rock ,Undertaker /big show , Kane/xpac , Mankind's original theme ,

Edge , Shamrock, ,Droz, Prince Albert, Blackman,HBK


***shhh secret points will be given away at the next regularly schedualed chat

Image Gallery ***please look in the clubs photos section for more pics***

Triple H , Stone Cold , Hardy Boys

Chyna , Debra , Ivory , Torri

Shane ,Vince , Stephanie , Linda

HBK , X pac , Road dogg , Mr.Ass

EDGE , Christian , Gangrel ,Val Venis

Rock , Mankind ,Acolytes,

Kane , Undertaker , Big Show

Jericho , Viscera ,Test , Mean street posse,

Steve Blackman , Mideon ,Shamrock , Prince Albert , Chaz ,

D-lo, Mark Henry , Al Snow ,Boss man , terri , Jacqueline , Luna more coming soon

Club Points

smokyngirly= 30 points

rocket_roger101 =85 points

Ikster511 =430 points

y2k_male_bug=10 points

StarBurst1982=20 points

da_loser69=10 points

terrys1999=40 points

wallace247=245 points

limp_bizkit_korn_182= 50 points

apac_msn=20 points

hardcorechamp2000=5 points








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