Dark Poetry

but see amid the human round/
a crawling shape intrude!/
a bloodred thing that writhes from out/ 
the senic solitude!/ 
it writhes -it writhes! with mortal pangs/            
and man becomes it's food,/ 
the angels sob at vermin fangs in human gore imbrude./
(edgar allan poe )


Her ruby lips

Press your flesh
With icy fire sucking your soul 
And you enjoy it
You are in ecstacy
And she knows you wouldn't stop her even if you could
She laughs
You cry
And you hold her tighter
Because you love her
And because you hate her
And you know you won't be seeing the dawn.
So she teases you
And she pleases you
And she shows you an evil you can love   

Woman In White

The woman stands on the edge
Between the earth and the ocean.
The white foam swirrles
Around the hem of her gauzzian dress
Making it impossible to tell
Where her dress ends
And the ocean begins.
She stares out onto the horizon
Watching the setting sun
And basking in the last warmth of the day.
She closes her eyes .....
And fades into the mist   


In the darkness I sit
and ponder this
If there was light what would I see?
Perhaps it is better to just sit
In this heavy darkness.
In ignorance.
And let the world keep itself
And what if I am the light?
For if something burns too brightly
It cannot see anything less than itself.
Or am I just  egocentrical with these questions?
What is the truth and what is conceit?
All I can say  is that there is darkness all around
And I know nothing else but me.


The river  Of all things  
Bringer of joy  And content.  
The force
Of power  
And greatness  
Swiftly rushing  
To the world. 
Worshipped,  Loved,
Forgotten,  And forgiven.  
That is the mystic  
River of Life.

Sun On The Lake

The bright glowwing sphere
In the perfect cirrulean blue sky,
Casting golden ripples
In the large ox-bow lake.
Geese dip under the water's surface,Searching for a meal.
A perfect moment in Canada's wilderness


the moon is full and round
with man's desire
illuminating the shadow world
I see now what I require
the moon pours it's liquid
glow upon my face
a sullen angel full of disgrace
I feel them near
thier whispered breath
each beat of thier heart
counts down to thier death
so soon thier sweet skin
shall wither and rot
a mockery of the beautifull illusions
once they sought
I gently touch the curve
of the neck
my lips parts as thier bodies
becon a sweet peck
a glorious kiss
first slow and serene
then hastens,unstoppable
some unfamiliar dream
grasping then gasping
thier mortal veil
blown away

I rise again a shamed phantom
to wrestle death for another day.


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His cloak of mystery
Wraps around his firm body Like a blanket of seduction
Drawing out the desires of the fine ladies 
And rich blue-blooded gentlemen
Making the powerfull weep and beg For his attention,
This strange un-man
This dark and knowing entity of lust, 
This man of Tascott Mannor.

Devil Song

The flesh burning,  
Melting off blackened bones,
And the screams so horrid!  
Women pray to god for release from the horror,
While the crowds cheer,  
And dance.  
And the devil sings  
His song.


My beauty you are the one 
The one of my dreams.            
The one that drives me to madness. 
I close my eyes 
And there you stand            
In your exquisite dark beauty. 
I long to touch you and share with you my everything, 
My love and My life. 
So take my everything, Take my love, And take my life . 
I am yours eternally.


I am the product of countless generations
I know only the truth
I am not blinded by my anscestors ignorance
I am no more than perfect
No less than the epitomy of grace
I am the brightest shining star in the heavens
I am forever and immortal
I shall never be forgotten.


P is for puberty -he hasn't hit it yet
R is for reality-a word he doesn't know 
I is for intelligence- he IS a little slow 
C is for compassion -he's a mean little s.o.b. 
K is for kick-his-ass-something he deserves from me!


Standing on deck

Staring at the churning black waters.

Feeling the icycold emptiness

Inside and out.

Climbing over the metal rails.

Man overboard.



In this fevered state the air stagnent
and decay all around
My freedom silently sucked away
by silken lips
the pain is what I crave,
the hassening death
even more

mon amour
don't go for the door
just settle the score
I'm still your whore

An innocent dream blackened to pitch
the shivers scream to the anxoius moon
of the art of torture masterfully played
temptation speaks from a lovers grave
but there is more

mon amour
don't go for the door
just settle the score
I'm still your whore

The whisper of wings soft and deep
throbbing from an orgasmic pulse
breasts turned crimson
tasting the doomed to find salvation
I sacrifice my speech and
still there's more

mon amour
don't go for the door
just settle the score
I'm still your whore

forever more.

updated march 19 2000