YES ! you can have that picture you've always wanted for your WEBPAGE!

Hi there people! I am a visual artist and I have checked out pictures all over the 'net. Some people have put a lot of time and effort into their pics and have obvious talent! Of course there are those people out there who either don't have pictures or don't have very creative ones..... SO I have decided to help those people who need it and commend those people who deserve it....That's right if you want a picture drawn I will do it for YOU! WHAT'S THE CATCH?....there is no catch just e-mail me your NAME,E-MAIL address,and your AREAS OF INTERESST. that means if you want a picture of your own sailor moon character then e-mail me :i would like a picture of sailor andromeda and a decription of your character.I will then make it and put it up for the world to see! It's that strings attached! I AM HAPPY TO HELP!

YOURS TRULY, sailor dementia and sailor stardust

People who's pages should be seen !!!!

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