Leagal-ish stuff

Hey at least I am trying ok?

Some images submitted to this site are (as I was told ) free to use on the net .In some cases I do not know who created them.If they belong to you and would like credit please email me and It will be done.If you would like me to remove them i would ask for some proof that they belong to you and I will remove them.

Any other images have been either drawn painted or otherwize modified by me to the extent that I feel they have become (at least in part) my artwork

This site is completely non profit. sueing me ain't gonna get ya Jack.








Thank youz

***till I can do this properly***

Bruce campbell and evil dead 1&2 and army of darkness

Chaos comics

Forever Knight

South Park



Nexus Knights


Sailor Moon


Haxon films

White wolf



Buffy the Vampire slayer




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