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Stop by magic hill for a halloween scare,if you do then you just might get to meet me!(I work there!)

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Welcome to my lair of Darkness .

Sit Down and Stay a while... don't be shy.

I go by many names in the real world as well as on the internet... call me what you will it makes no difference.

I have had a few jobs in this existance but currently I call myself an artist and designer.I also have created the Dark Forces Webring for Creatures of the night ... join if you deem yourself worthy of my ring.

For now I am busy working on my internet presence so these pages are still being created and updated as we speak.

Feel free to leave comments or questions email me if you like of leave a note in the guestbook.

Now I must bid you adieu perhaps we shall meet again...


entire site updated march 6 2000 ***even if some pages say otherwise...I always forget to update the updates. :-)


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MY OTHER PAGES AND REALLY GREAT THINGS!!!: anime awards friends pages

southpark artwork ...tons of stuff


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