well gee why do people like vampires? could be the idea of having control ... over yourself (never aging or dying) ... over others (as in the hypnotizing powers like Dracula seemed to have) ...over nature(as in control over animals or the weather...fog and storms) it could be the sexual nature of the beast as it were...

i mean the vampire always seduces it's victem and the act of killing and feeding is always related in sexual a day when sex is taboo and potentially life threatening that can be a real draw it also could be humanities morbid facination with death... The great unknown the vampire is a creature that exists in death but is never touched by it.... there is always time to do things you can be patient if you know you have forever to do whatever you want to do and you CAN do whatever you want to do

The powers are kinda cool too because who wouldn't want
to fly or maybe transform into another creature?
or be mist where you can go anywhere you want and strength
so no one could hurt you?

mental powers it seems like
a pretty good first anyway and finally ...
because i should be finishing my final projects too!...
it gives us something to dream or nightmare of fantasize
about that is so wholly not human but could be...
the impossible that can seem possible.

The monster made human after all we can see a little monster
in us all if we look deep enough and some people want
to understand that so they look to vampires for
the answers...they are an out to the evils within us understanding to our darker nature that doesn't
require us to actually kill to understand.

What is a vampire?

A vampire is one of the most amazing creatures in the world .

It has existed in every culture since the begining of human history.

Because it is such an old creature of so many cultures there is no clear definition of what exactly a vampire is.

A vampire is what you believe it to be .It's characteristics and appearance vary from story to story and person to person.

It may be primative and beastial or sexy and glamorous.

Some define a vampire as "a blood-sucking ghost or reanimated body of a dead person,a soul or reanimated body of a dead person,believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of persons asleep..."But this says nothing for psychic or astral vampires or vampires that are not even human.

IT is in some cases replused by religeous items most specifically those of christian origen.-Or in some cases religeon has no effect on the vampire.

In some cases the vampire is even alive.

Sometimes it drinks blood or life energy while in some cases it consumes other things even more peculiar.

It is also known to feed on mortals using them in some cases to create more of it's kind while others claim you must be born a vampire to actually be one.

Vampires are very complicated I suggest reading and research so you can come to your own conclusions





to put it bluntly

You can be a vampire

You can be a goth

you can be a goth and a vampire

But just because you are a goth does not make you a vampire.

Also just being a vampire doesn't make you a goth.

What is a goth?

sigh...I need help on a proper definition lemme get back on this I don't want to step on any toes

lets just say GOTH is lifestyle choice for now.




Historical Vampires...

more to come

Toronto, Ontario

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